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                Welcome to the website of Wuxi ELITE Linear Motion Machinery Co., Ltd.!



                HOME >Service

                Purchasing process
                Before buying, you need to understand the electric putter, screw elevator, electric cylinder, servo electric cylinder and other mechanical key performance, in order to facilitate your accurate find the products you need
                Pre-sales consulting
                Jiangsu Wuxi Outang Vocational Education Park constant new road No. 18 - Wuxi Eyre linear motion Machinery Co., providing online services 24 hours * 7 for you, if you have any questions on the use or purchase process, welcome you with my company sales engineer contact
                Order mode
                Telephone order: direct contact with the marketing department of our company marketing department, telephone consultation, after confirmation, the two sides signed a contract!
                Two, fax order: after determining the model, you can fax to our company for ordering, fax, please fill in your company detailed information truthfully, so that we can give you the best service in time!
                Three, to our company directly order: local customers directly to my order, order to contact with the company, to confirm whether the product is in stock, in order to avoid the shortage problem!
                After-sale service
                In order to meet the needs of the market, in order to better serve customers, Wuxi Eyre Machinery Co. Ltd. is equipped with a linear motion, trained with regularity with professional knowledge of the sales engineers to provide the perfect pre-sale service, set up a special customer service department to provide customer service support service.