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                Electric push rod/small electric push rod domestic industry status

                Author: release time:2020-09-25Click:547

                Electric push rod is a kind of linear transmission equipment that began to use in the late 1990s. It is a linear motion product that is transformed into linear motion through the reduction box and screw nut through the rotation of the motor. The main feature of the electric push rod is easy installation. Simple operation and convenient maintenance.

                       In the past, the linear motion execution products of the domestic machinery industry were the application of cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, and rack and pinion reducers. Electric push rods, screw jacks, and electric cylinders were rarely used. Cylinders and hydraulic cylinders have their own advantages, such as fast cylinder speed, compact size, large hydraulic cylinder thrust, overload unloading, and frequent use. In the late 1990s, with the increase in imported equipment, the domestic transformation of foreign drawings, and the demand for domestic procurement of push rod products, electric push rods and screw jacks have gradually become familiar to domestic mechanical design and research personnel. The use of electric push rods and screw jacks, Advantages: Convenient installation, simple structure, maintenance-free, not affected by the environment, air source, and hydraulic source. Especially mechanical synchronization and mechanical self-locking are better than air cylinders and hydraulic cylinders. If there is no air source or hydraulic source, the linear motion mechanism is not Many, separate gas station or hydraulic pump station, the cost is relatively high, electric push rod and screw jack only need power supply, this aspect is more obvious advantages.

                       For a period of time, electric actuators mainly relied on imports, resulting in high costs and long cycles. Wuxi Airt Linear Motion Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that introduced technology and developed a full range of products earlier in China. Our company selects high-quality raw materials, relies on advanced technology and excellent CNC processing equipment, and customers do not receive products from the beginning. Finally, it has been recognized by most customers. Now through the unremitting efforts of all our employees in the past few years, our company has achieved a certain degree of popularity in China. Generally speaking, domestic products of this kind are mixed, and they are basically small-scale manufacturers. Product quality and after-sales cannot be guaranteed, so if any customer chooses this type of product, it is prudent to visit the manufacturer to have a better understanding of the overall level of the product. In addition, it is important that the application of such products must be exchanged. It must be sufficient to ensure the correct selection and use of the product. Welcome new and old customers to our company for inspection and guidance!

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