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                Application prospects of electric actuators

                Author: release time:2020-09-25Click:511

                        The characteristics of the electric actuator: compact structure, easy to use, simple maintenance.

                        Electric actuator is also called electric cylinder (English name: linear actuator). Electric actuator is a kind of mechatronics product, which is mainly used in linear motion in transmission mechanism of mechanical equipment.

                        It is only in recent years that electric push rods have been widely used in our country. In the past, technicians used to choose hydraulic cylinders and air cylinders in mechanical design. Electric push rods existed in China in the 1970s, but the structure is large and rough, and there are not too many industries. The requirements are applied in steel mills or coal industries. The foreign industrial revolution is early, and the electric actuator has been applied for a long time, and the product series are complete, and the control application is also very mature. Since 2006, with the introduction of many foreign technologies and Domestic products copy foreign products, and there are many selections of electric actuators in the technical drawings applied in foreign countries. However, the electric actuators of the old domestic products cannot be transformed. Under this background, our company has introduced foreign technology to develop serialized products. Communicating with domestic customers, the products developed have been used in textile, transportation, metallurgy, chemical, lifting and other industries in large quantities, and have won the recognition of customers. Now the proportion of linear motion applications of actuators is still far Lower than foreign applications, there is still a lot of room in the market for us to develop.

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