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                How to extend the service life of servo electric cylinder

                Author: release time:2020-09-24Click:543

                Servo electric cylinders are basically maintenance-free products. Any exchange of parts must be carried out in the manufacturer or the authorized place of the manufacturer, otherwise the manufacturer will be irresponsible, so you must check carefully when purchasing.

                      So how to extend the service life of the servo electric cylinder? Then you must use it reasonably and do a good job of maintenance. Let's take a look together.

                      The motor and the servo electric cylinder are connected by a high-strength timing belt and adjusted by tension. Therefore, the motor cannot be disassembled at will, otherwise the timing belt will be damaged due to improper tension. When the servo electric cylinder is debugged, the gear belt drive is not recommended to be used vertically. It should be carried out at a low speed first, and the speed should be increased after all aspects are normal to avoid damage to the electric cylinder.

                      The important point is that lubrication is necessary for the servo electric cylinder. If there is insufficient lubrication, the frictional resistance will increase during operation and may be the main reason for shortening the life of the product. The lubrication method is roughly divided into manual lubrication and automatic forced lubrication. Two types can be selected appropriately according to the system's operating speed, use environment and other requirements. The method of refueling the screw nut is as follows: After the electric cylinder is fully extended, stop the motor, cut off the power supply, open the screw plug at the screw grease injection port on the cylinder barrel, and use a special grease gun to refuel.

                      If you want to know more information, please consult Wuxi Airt Linear Motion Machinery Co., Ltd.!

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