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                Comparison of the characteristics of electric actuators and hydraulics

                Author: release time:2020-09-24Click:513

                Compared with hydraulic cylinders/cylinders, electric push rods have unique advantages: Our system does not require complex system support (including pumps, pipes, valves, filters, many joints, etc.); we can save a lot of space, and without In the case of maintenance, work safely and reliably; there is no oil pollution, greatly reducing noise, and maintaining a clean and quiet working environment; specific performance characteristics are as follows: Compared with hydraulic cylinders/cylinders, electric push rods have unique advantages: our There is no need for complex system support (including pumps, pipes, valves, filters, many connectors, etc.); we can save a lot of space!

                Self-locking performance:

                Ordinary gear screw electric push rods and screw jacks, due to the low comprehensive transmission efficiency, most of them have dynamic load self-locking function, which increases the safety of equipment operation;

                Precision positioning:

                The comprehensive position accuracy can reach 0,1mm; the position accuracy of the servo electric cylinder can reach 0.1um;


                Equipped with encoder and controlled by inverter or controller to realize closed-loop positioning; if the accuracy requirement is not high, it can be equipped with potentiometer to realize online control;


                Single reduction motor drives multiple push rods at the same time through mechanical connection to realize synchronous lifting and synchronization;

                Drive System:

                DC motor 12/24V, single-phase AC motor, three-phase AC motor, no air/hydraulic source required;

                Overload protection:

                It can be equipped with a safety clutch to prevent overload; it can also be equipped with an overload pressure sensor to prevent overload;

                High load:

                Push/pull force can reach 250 tons;


                Simple maintenance, low noise, can work normally in high/low temperature, anti-corrosion/explosion-proof environment;

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