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                Status of the domestic industry-electric actuators

                Author: release time:2020-09-24Click:545

                Compared with other general electromechanical products, there are still not many domestic enterprises specializing in the production of electric actuators. They are mainly domestic enterprises. Joint ventures also exist but are not true technology joint ventures. Register a foreign enterprise abroad and then get the domestic calculation In fact, joint ventures are still domestically manufactured. This requires customers to carefully screen when choosing. Now there are only two or three large-scale companies, but most of the others are small-scale companies (the number of people is only about 20. It also includes many trading companies. It is recommended that customers respond to important projects and long-term supporting products on-site inspections, which will also help the stability of later products. It is recommended to inspect the manufacturing strength on the spot!

                Welcome friends to come to inspect and guide! ??


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