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                Welcome to the website of Wuxi ELITE Linear Motion Machinery Co., Ltd.!
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                How to extend the service life of servo electric cylinder2020-09-24
                Servo electric cylinders are basically maintenance-free products. Any exchange of parts must be carried out in the manufacturer or the authorized place of the manufacturer, otherwise the manufacturer will be irresponsible, so you must check carefully when
                Electric actuator for photothermal matching2020-09-24
                According to the particularity of CSP projects, Airtech has specially developed electric actuators suitable for CSP projects with stable and reliable performance. It has been used in batches for domestic projects. Welcome new and old customers to visit or
                Precautions for electric push rod selection2020-09-24
                At present, with the increasing application of electric actuators, there are also many problems in the selection and use of electric actuators. Many of these problems can be avoided, such as overloading and long-term operation, excessive lateral force,
                Domestic electric push rod, electric cylinder actual cooperation choice (site visit is recommended)2020-09-24
                There are still many domestic electric actuator companies, but they are mainly small-scale (10-20 individuals) companies and traders.
                Comparison of the characteristics of electric actuators and hydraulics2020-09-24
                Compared with hydraulic cylinders/cylinders, electric push rods have unique advantages: Our system does not require complex system support (including pumps, pipes, valves, filters, many joints, etc.); we can save a lot of space, and without In the case of
                Status of the domestic industry-electric actuators2020-09-24
                Compared with other general electromechanical products, there are still not many domestic enterprises specializing in the production of electric actuators. They are mainly domestic enterprises. Joint ventures also exist but are not true technology joint v