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                Welcome to the website of Wuxi ELITE Linear Motion Machinery Co., Ltd.!

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                Dear customers-win-win cooperation in 20192020-09-25
                Thank all customers for their strong support to our company, thank you for your understanding and tolerance, our growth is inseparable from your support, in 2019, Aert will continue to adhere to the concept of common development and win-win cooperation, a
                Invitation to participate-2019.6.4 Shanghai New International Photovoltaic Exhibition E4-2752020-09-25
                Invitation to participate-2019.6.4 Shanghai New International Photovoltaic Exhibition E4-275
                Delivery of 16T synchronous electric cylinder2020-09-25
                This batch of orders is used in key projects and delivered to customers on time with quality and quantity! Thank you for your support!
                MA100-customized product-ready for delivery2020-09-25
                According to the characteristics of customers' application conditions, our non-standard customized products meet the needs of customers. Thank you for your support and trust. Welcome new and old customers to visit!
                XDT2000 products are ready for delivery2020-09-25
                XDT series products are customized according to customer requirements, applied and special industries, product performance is stable and reliable! Thank customers for their long-term support!
                50t elevator-military product-ready for delivery2020-09-25
                This product is customized military products for customers, 50T load, ball screw drive, equipped with military grade explosion-proof servo motor, welc
                Electric push rod/small electric push rod domestic industry status2020-09-25
                Electric push rod is a kind of linear transmission equipment that began to use in the late 1990s. It is a linear motion product that is transformed into linear motion through the reduction box and screw nut through the rotation of the motor. The main feat
                Rail transit-product operation2020-09-25
                Rail transit-product operation
                World Trade Building-product application 3 years2020-09-25
                Airt customized products according to customer requirements, successfully applied to the window opening of Shanghai World Trade Building, welcome new and old customers to come to consult!
                Special vehicle-support leg-successful acceptance2020-09-25
                The supporting leg provided by Airt to a certain base successfully passed the acceptance test! Welcome new and old customers to come to consult! Thank you all for your support!